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What’s the Wolof word for example? It’s misaal.

example in Wolof translation. Misaal.
example in Wolof vocab. Misaal.
example in Wolof vocabulary. Misaal.
example in Wolof: misaal.
example, Wolof translation: misaal.
How do you say example in Wolof? Misaal.
How to say example in Wolof. Misaal.
In Wolof how do you say example? Misaal.
In Wolof translation of example. Misaal.
Q: What’s example in Wolof? A: misaal.
Say example in Wolof. Misaal.
The Wolof word for example is misaal.
The Wolof translation of example is misaal.
Translation of example in Wolof: misaal.
Wolof for example: misaal.
Wolof word for example: misaal.
What is the Wolof word for example? Misaal.
What’s the Wolof for example? Misaal.




is misaal.