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The Wolof word for clam is buuj.

clam photoQ: What’s clam in Wolof? A: buuj.
How do you say clam in Wolof? buuj.
clam in Wolof vocabulary. buuj.
clam, Wolof translation: buuj.
clam in Wolof: buuj.
How to say clam in Wolof. buuj.
Say clam in Wolof. buuj.
What is the Wolof word for clam? buuj.
What’s the Wolof word for clam? It’s buuj.
clam in Wolof translation. buuj.
In Wolof how do you say clam? buuj.
Translation of clam in Wolof: buuj.
clam in Wolof is buuj.
In Wolof translation of clam. buuj.
clam in Wolof vocab. buuj.
The Wolof translation of clam is buuj.
Wolof word for clam: buuj.
What’s the Wolof for clam? buuj.




: buuj.

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